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We’ve partnered with Milo to bring you an incredible fall cooking challenge and (huge) giveaway, “Let’s Go Dutch.”

This challenge introduces you to a brand of beautiful enameled cast iron cookware and 14 new delicious recipes. (We reviewed their products and love them!) We can’t wait for you to join the challenge!

Milo has put together an amazing array of recipes for this challenge. Some of the recipes include: Milo Magic Bars, Mushroom Risotto, Corn Pudding, Kale & White Bean Stew, and Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Mushroom Frittata! The variety is wide and quite delicious! These recipes can all be accessed through a Plan to Eat account and connecting with the Let’s Go Dutch Challenge!

Don’t have cast iron? Don’t worry! All of these recipes can be easily cooked in cookware you already have and one lucky winner will receive a 5-piece cast iron cookware set of your very own.

 The Prize Package

A 5-piece cookware set from Milo ($225)

A LIFETIME subscription to Plan to Eat (priceless) We have never offered this before!

Bag Mockup

A Plan to Eat Grocery Tote ($30)

1. Enter the Giveaway:

2. Then join the Challenge:

Visiting the Challenge Page will add all of the challenge recipes into your account under the Challenges tab. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one by going to the challenge page. 

Milo has been kind enough to offer a 15% discount for anyone who is participating in our challenge this month! Use PTE15 at checkout through the end of October! 


The Giveaway Fine Print

By participating in the “Let’s go Dutch” Fall Challenge you are entering and agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • No purchase necessary.
  • Open to residents of the U.S. 18+ (we apologize to those of you outside the US!)
  • Opening date: 10/07/2019 08:00 am MST
  • Ending date: 10/16/2019 11:59 pm MST
  • Giveaway sponsored by Plan to Eat, Inc, and Milo. All rights reserved.
  • 1 winner will win all of the prizes of the giveaway: ($225) 5-piece cast iron cookware set from Milo,  Lifetime Subscription of Plan to Eat, ($39 per year!) a Plan to Eat canvas shopping bag ($30),
  • The winner will receive all of these items, mailed separately, through US Mail.
  • 1 winner will be chosen at random from all of the accounts that are linked through a connection to the “Let’s go Dutch” Plan to Eat account.
  • Plan to Eat will contact the winner via email.

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404 Responses

    1. Hey!
      We had a slight glitch in the program with so many people entering the giveaway at once! You can check now in your challenges and see the MiloKitchen challenge in there. You’re entered and all set!

  1. I’d love to win this prize package because I have been learning how to cook more things by using Plant to Eat and having a lifetime subscription and amazing new Milo set would help me continue to grow my culinary skills to keep my family healthy and happy!

  2. So excited for this! I’d love to win because we love using plan to eat for our family’s meal planning needs, and having new cookware would be so amazing! I’m excited to get started!

  3. This is so exciting–and just in time for fall! Thanks for the opportunity; we love cast-iron for grilling, baking, roasting, and toasting. Can’t wait to try Milo’s Magic Bars!

  4. I would love to win this prize package because it would be a real encouragement to menu plan and then prepare meals for my family.

  5. I would love to win this prize package because the Milo 5-piece set looks gorgeous and I love cooking with cast iron! And to have a lifetime of Plan to Eat would be amazing and ensure that I am planning good food to eat for years to come 🙂

  6. This cookware would be a blessing. I love cast iron, but the pieces I currently own never seem to hold their seasoning despite my careful care. You just can’t beat cast iron for durability, heat retention, and even heating.

  7. I hope I win! I have never owned cast iron before, but I live in the south so I fear I am missing some delights such as real cast-iron cooked cornbread!

  8. I love cooking with cast iron because it lasts forever and holds heat so well! I have a big family and Plan to Eat keeps me on track with meal prep and saves us a lot of money and time. I would like to win the cookware set because I cannot afford to buy new cookware and most of my current pots and pans were hand-me-downs and need to be replaced. I would love to have some quality stuff to use in my daily cooking routine!

  9. I would love to win the Milo cast iron set because everything tastes better when it’s made in cast iron!

  10. I’ve always wanted to work with cast iron cookware, but found it too intimidating. This would be an amazing opportunity to learn to work with cast iron!

  11. We love to cook in our home but have never owned a Dutch oven! Crazy! Even my grown/married daughters have one! We share recipes and I would love to be able to participate with recipes for the Dutch oven as well. Plus the Milo set looks gorgeous!

  12. I would love to win this challenge as I am addicted to cast iron but i do not have anything from milo

  13. We love plan to eat and use it for tracking all of our meals and recipes! This would be amazing! We need a decent set of cookware to make meals in and will be using plantoeat forever anyways!

  14. I’d love to win this giveaway because I’m an avid cook, and I work for a nonprofit so I have to make do with what I can find at Goodwill. What a boon it would be to be gifted with such gorgeous tools with which to feed my family!

  15. I would love to win this giveaway because I’m in the market for new cookware! And I would love a Lifetime subscription to Plan to Eat!!!

  16. I feel like I am always cooking and I would love to have this beautiful cookware. It would be very well used 🙂

  17. My sister in law tells me frequently how awesome cast iron is to cook with. I would like to win this giveaway because I’d like to give cast iron cooking a try.

  18. I would love to win. I’ve always been intimidated by cast iron cookware but the Milo cookware sounds amazing.

  19. Plan to Eat has helped my family get more organized and more creative in our meal planning. We’re eating out less, eating healthier, and eating together more often!

  20. I cook daily for a hungry and growing family and I would love these beautiful and functional pans to add to our kitchen. We stay organized and get meal planning done each week thanks to Plan to Eat.

  21. I have had a cast iron skillet for 30 years and absolutely LOVE it. Would really like to expand my cookware and try new recipes!

  22. I am addicted to Plan to Eat! It is literally the best tool I have ever used for meal planning, and I highly recommend it to EVERYONE. I haven’t used much cast iron, but these recipes absolutely seem excellent for fall, so I’m looking forward to giving them a shot.

  23. Cooking provides much needed relief from the stress of nursing school. I’m not able to cook for my family as I did prior to nursing school so being able to use quality kitchen tools enables me to cook and freeze, placing nutritious meals at their fingertips.

  24. I have always loved Dutch ovens! I have one that desperately needs replacing and would love to win a new one, but the best part… lifetime membership 😱 talk about simplifying my life!

  25. So excited to try this! I would love to win so I could gift it to my future daughter in law. I use my Dutch oven all the time!

  26. This cookware set looks amazing and I’m always trying to do better with menu planning so we eat more at home then out!

  27. SO excited about the opportunity to win new cookware! We cook a lot and love the plan to eat app. Some new cookware to go with it would be awesome for our family

  28. So excited about the “Let’s go Dutch” cooking challenge. I have gotten slack on my planning and this is just the thing I need to get me motivated again.

  29. I just reviewed the recipes and added most of them to my Plan to Eat recipe file. Looking forward to trying these out!

  30. I would love to win because I have a cast iron skillet and would like to learn more ways to use it.

  31. I like my porcelain cookware, except for how easily it chips. I also love the one cast iron frying pan that I have. Maybe this would combine the best of both!

  32. I love PTE! I’ve been using it for a couple years and can’t imagine going back to meal planning without it. I also love using cast iron, but only have one skillet. I would really enjoy having more cast iron in my kitchen to utilize and to have as legacy pieces going forward.

  33. Such a beautiful set of cookware. Would love to win this set especially since I use the Plan to Eat recipes all the time for family and friend gatherings. The Plan to Eat app has been my best friend for many meal preparations. Thank you PTE!

  34. I would love to win this package because I broke my one and only cast iron Dutch oven! I miss it, its just not the same cooking in a different pot.

  35. Cooking using Dutch Ovens has been something that I have wanted to explore, but have been hesitant to pull the trigger on buying pans for it. It would be awesome to win a set of good pans and learn how to cook this way!

  36. We are in desperate need of a cookware overhaul. Most of our cookware needs to be replaced. I would love this set!

  37. What a great give away. Being a family of Scouts, we do a lot of cast iron cooking outside so it would be great to win the set so we could bring those memories into the house.

  38. I’ve always wanted to learn more about cast iron cooking and how it influences flavors in certain dishes. But the best way to learn is to have the right tools! Winning the Milo Kitchen prize would mean access to high quality cast iron cookware to make it easy and fun to get started with this style of cooking. Thanks Plan To Eat!

  39. So excited to try this Challenge! I’d love to win new cookware because I know cooking with cast iron is so healthy! Thanks for keeping me on track, PlanToEat. Best app ever!

  40. I’ve always liked cast iron but have been unable to accumulate more than one pan. It’s pretty multi-purpose but I sure would love to have others! This Milo cast iron is really beautiful – who wouldn’t want that in their kitchen?!
    Looking forward to trying some of the recipes even if I don’t win the cast iron.

  41. I love cast iron cookware. I have a few pieces, but I would love to be able to add more! They are so nice to cook in.

  42. I would love to win the Milo kitchen because I love cooking in dutch ovens and I only have a small dutch oven.

  43. My husband and I are trying to revamp our lives. In 2015, my husband suffered a major heart attack which left his heart working at only 65%. Then in 2017, he was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, which is paralyzing him because his spine if fuzing together. I have been working on trying to redo the way we grocery shop, cook, and eat for the sake of his and my health. In the past year, we have invested in some new kitchen appliances. I would love to have a new cookware set to go along with my new “toys”.

  44. I am always on the look out for nice enameled cast iron and have been very interested in trying out the Milo as I have ready amazing things about it! Plus I love PTE!

  45. I’d like to win this prize package because I live cooking with my (one) cast iron pot and would like more of them. Plus, I LOVE PTE and I would love to have a lifetime subscription!

  46. I am on a health journey and Plan to Eat is a HUGE part of my success! I would like to win this challenge so that I can use the Milo Kitchen cookware to continue my success. I don’t have any cast iron cookware and would love to have this set! I also would love to have the lifetime Plan to Eat subscription and grocery tote, as I have used Plan to Eat for years and love it.

  47. I used to have a cast iron dutch oven and I loved it! It left home when my son did, though. I really love the way food cooks in cast iron

  48. Love cooking with cast iron and have been saving up for an enamel cast iron piece. Excited to join this challenge!

  49. Enameled cast iron makes clean up so much easier! I love the heft of it, too. It makes me feel like I’m living my rustic-cabin dreams. Plus, I’m sure this set would inspire me to cook more at home. I’ve set a goal to cook every meal this month.

  50. i cook for five hungry boys and would love to be able to cook in large quantities using these beautiful tools!

  51. I’ve used cast iron all my life, but never enameled. I’d love the chance to use cast iron that looks as good on the table as it cooks on the stove or in the oven.

  52. Cast iron is amazing! I’d love to win because cooking in enameled cast iron is great and I don’t have pots in this size.

  53. I have an old cast iron skillet from my parents but have been wanting to try enameled cast iron. And I’d love to a lifetime subscription to Plan to Eat! I’ve used it for years and love it!

  54. I love enameled cast iron! The Milo cookware looks beautiful, and would get lots of use in the coming cold months!

  55. I would love to win this! Our 15 year old wedding gift cookware needs to be replaced & I’d love to try enameled cast iron!!

  56. I love Dutch oven cooking and would love to try the Milo brand product! I’ve been a Lodge dutch oven user for several years but I’m always open to new things!

  57. Exciting!!! I am a cast iron junkie and would love to add to my collection. I am also living Plan to Eat and will be a customer for life!

  58. I only have one cast iron pan and would love to have some beautiful new cast iron cookware to test out my favorite fall recipes.

  59. Would love to cook more with cast iron cookware. Looking forward to trying the recipes and hoping to win your fantastic looking cookware!

  60. I would love to use the new Dutch ovens. They would be a great addition to my cast iron Dutch ovens. I absolutely love to cook.

  61. Winning any of the three items would be amazing, but I am very excited about PTE for life! I have been using PTE for almost a year and couldn’t image meal planning, prepping and cooking without it. I am a working mom who is a small business owner with very limited time. One of my favorite times of the day is when my family is able to sit at the dinner table together. I have found when I don’t use PTE then we don’t eat together as a family as we make poor food choices.

  62. My sister cooks in her enamled cast iron all the time and I envy her dishes. I need to get my own! Excited to try the reciepes.

  63. A lifetime subscription to this service *would* be priceless! What a generous offer! I adore enameled cast iron and would love to expand my collection beyond the one dutch oven I already have (and use at least weekly). Good luck, everyone! I cannot wait to dig into these recipes–they all look amazing!

  64. Such an amazing giveaway! I LOVE good cast iron like this. The recipes look great too! Added bonus of Plan To Eat for life! My go to recipe and menu planning!

  65. My mom has always raved about cooking in cast iron and I also heard it can help my daughter’s iron intake to cook in it.

  66. I have always wanted a Dutch oven but couldn’t afford one. Milo’s Dutch oven looks great and I love the simple clean minimal look ♥️

  67. I love how green and clean Milo products are. My cookware is sad and almost falling apart, so I need a replacement…stat!

  68. My family would love to win this so we can bake our own bread and do away with buying bread that comes packaged in plastic bags.

  69. I’d love to win a set of cast iron! But my favorite part of the prize package is the lifetime PTE subscription. We LOVE using Plan to Eat so much!

  70. I love cooking and Plan to Eat! Winning the beautiful Milo cookware and Plan to Eat for life would be a dream! So exciting!

  71. I would love to become a better cook and not dread mealtime. Plan to Eat helps with that and so does having the right tools in the kitchen. I would love to win this prize package so I can experiment and find recipes that will become new favorites!

  72. The Milo cookware set would be heavenly! A good quality set like this has been out of my budget range. Plus…A lifetime subscription to PTE, that would be amazing!! PTE has been a God send for organizing my mom-life and helped maintain some sanity. 🙂

  73. I would love just to have the recipes for easy nights and next day lunches. But lets face it, winning something is fun too.

  74. I would love to win this cookware. I want to switch from my old nonstick cookware to something more healthy and beautiful.

  75. I would love this because I don’t currently have any cast iron! 😮 Also…PTE changes my life six years ago when I first signed up. I don’t ever plan on using anything else so the lifetime membership is 👌🙌🤩!

  76. I’ve been eyeing enamel cast iron cookware for a while. The reviews of this brand’s Dutch oven are impressive, especially for the price point. I’d love to win one. And I have been using PTE for almost 10 years – it’d be great to win a lifetime subscription!

  77. I’ve recently started using the one cast iron I have a lot and I love it! It’s rather small for my family of 6 though.

  78. I love to cook, but don’t have any cast iron cookware. This would be a perfect addition to my kitchen as I try to move away from using non-stick cookware!

  79. We use Lodge skillets for stove top cooking and some oven cooking. We love the ease of cleaning and cooking with these tools. My husband appreciates good quality tools and Milo looks like it would fit the bill and we’d love an opportunity to test them out! Lifetime of PTE? Are you kidding! What a fabulous giveaway. My family would be grateful as this makes my life as the CEO of the Johns family much easier!

  80. I anticipate the win, as my family has benefited greatly from The Plan to Eat Calendar!! We are lifelong members, so receiving the subscription at no cost would truly be priceless!!!

  81. An enameled dutch oven has been on my wish list for a while! And Plan to Eat for life would be amazing! 🙂

  82. My father loved to cook with cast iron. Since he is now gone, winning this prize package would give me the chance feel closer to him when I cook. And, I already love Plan to Eat, so a free year would be an extra bonus!

  83. I would love to win one of their cast iron dutch ovens. I’ve never splurged on one because of the cost, but so many recipes can be enhanced just by cooking in the cast iron.

  84. I’ve been wanting cast iron cookware and I’m a diehard Plan to Eat fan so winning this would be the perfect combination of prizes!!

  85. I love cooking with my cast iron skillet. Everything cooks so much better in it. I would love to try enameled cast iron. Sounds even better.

  86. This year I am hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’d love to use this cookware as part of cooking for those special occasions!

  87. I am a fan of Dutch oven cooking, and cannot wait to get started on your recipes. Thank you so much for sharing!

  88. I love cooking with cast iron and only have one piece (Le Creuset) and want more. Cast iron is really the most reliable and versatile pieces you can have in your kitchen! As a single parent though, new cookware is now out of reach financially most of the time.

  89. Why do I have to join WordPress in order to register for this giveaway? When I try to log in on this page, my PlantoEat ID and password are not recognized.

  90. I love my cast iron skillet but these beautiful pieces from Milo Kitchen would be such a blessing to our family! We have two teens and one tween, and we all love to make home cooked meals. ; )

  91. I love the Plan to Eat app! It is so easy to store recipes, look up items needed when I’m at the store, and share my recipes with others. I would love to win a lifetime membership and a girl can never have to much cookware!

  92. I would like to win the “Let’s Go Dutch” give-a-way because we love to cook as a family, and share our creations with others!

  93. Link doesn’t take me to the Milo Kitchen recipes. It just asks me to start a free trial or log in. I did log in and tried to search from my account but couldn’t find it. How do I complete this step?

  94. I love cast iron cooking! Have one piece, and would definitely be blessed by another, or two, or three….!

  95. I’d love to win this giveaway to update my cookware and have beautiful cookware to use to inspire me to make new dishes for my family :-).

  96. I would love to win this challenge because I’d like to learn some new recipes and get rid of my old non-stick pans.

    I stumbled across PTE a couple months ago. I have 2 young children and my husband and I work full time. Not only are we busy with our family life, but we always have dinner parties, so the app is beyond useful. I love all of the features and am SO glad I found it.

  97. I’m a kindergarten teacher and busy mom if three active teenagers, I love cooking all my meals on the weekend. This would make things great to eat and store, food for the week.

  98. I cook on induction, so cast iron is a must! always looking for more easy weeknight meals as we head into *~ STEW SEASON ~*

  99. Looking forward to trying the Milo Kitchen recipes, especially the mushroom risotto and Brussels sprouts with pine nuts! Yum!!

  100. I love cooking with the one cast iron pan I have and it’d be great to have a few more types of pans to use! Thank you!

  101. I’d love to win because I could use some new cookware and because I LOVE Plan to Eat. I recommend PTE to everyone!

  102. I’ve just started getting in to cast iron cooking. Would love to have a full set of pans to start trying the recipes once found!

  103. I would love to have cookware that I don’t have to season but that cooks like cast iron! The lifetime of Plan To Eat is the perfect partner!

  104. I don’t own any cast iron pots or pans. Would love to have the Milo set be my first. And a lifetime of Plan to Eat would be AWESOME!

  105. Fantastic Challenge! I can’t wait to get started and keeping my fingers crossed that I win the AWECOME Milo cookware! But having PLAN TO EAT for life would be like winning the lottery for me. PTE keeps my life functioning smoothly.

  106. I love cast iron and would love to add some new pieces! Thanks, PTE and Milo, for this challenge. Also, love the newest updates!

  107. I’m only using cookware made from safe materials. I use the instant pot quite a bit but I actually just put a Dutch oven on my list for when I don’t want everything so wet. This would be an awesome prize to win.

  108. I want to win this giveaway for two reasons: 1) I adore the Milo cookware but don’t have any of my own and 2) I am a faithful Plan To Eat user and would be soooo excited to receive a lifetime subscription!

  109. My husband and daughter are just starting to more of the cooking. I would love some new, quality pots and pans rather than the pans we have mixed at matched over the last 23 years.

  110. I have an induction stovetop, and cast-iron is definitely the way to go! I love the beauty of your white Milo set.

  111. What an amazing prize!! I love Plan to Eat and cooking. Milo’s 5 piece set looks perfect for my cooking adventures 🙂

  112. Plan to eat has changed my hatred of meal planning into something I look forward to each week. Having a subscription for life would be awesome!

  113. I tend to buy inexpensive cookware and then get disappointed. Time for some quality cooking equipment as I home cook a lot of meals.

  114. Milo cookware looks like very good quality cast iron cookware. I am a chef and father of 3 I HAVE to use Plan to Eat to do all my meal planning and grocery shopping because of my busy schedule. I can not afford cast iron cookware like this but would use it almost every day. Thank you for hosting a great challenge, good luck to everyone!

  115. We were introduced to PTE earlier this year and love it. We plan to renew every year, so winning a lifetime PTE subscription would be awesome!

  116. My kids, ages 2-23, love our family dinners as much as I love to prepare them. New cookware and a lifetime subscription would be a huge bonus!

  117. I hope to win this package because I love to cook and try new recipes. I love the Plan to Eat app so much I shared with our Healthy Inspirations FB group just last week! I will be checking out the Milo Kitchen info real soon!

  118. I grew up watching my Mom and Grandma use cast iron, but I don’t own any. I would love to cook using them, and connect with those previous generations of cooks in our family who did (and do).

  119. I would love to win this package! I have one old cast iron skillet that I love and would love to expand my collection, especially with some of the ceramic coated cast iron.

  120. I would LOVE to win this contest because I already use cast iron but I would love to have the ceramic coated ones to use instead! Everything tastes so much better in cast iron too!! <3

  121. I love that Plan to Eat is not trying to grow then sell to the highest bidder, but instead to simply provide a great service. Keep it up!

  122. What a fun challenge! It’s the season for soup & trying new recipes. I’d love to win the giveaway to up my game with cast iron! Thanks!

  123. I love the clean look and the color choices of the Milo cookware. And I really enjoy Plan to Eat. Fingers crossed!

  124. I would love to win this because my kitchen is the #2 place I spend my time (bed is #1), and I’d do anything to improve it! I love cast iron and would enjoy having such great tools.

  125. After decades with the base model electric range, which happily cooked thousands of meals, my hubby surprised me with a beautiful Kitchen Aid gas stove…and I would love have these beautiful pans to use with it!!

  126. I’ve always been intimidated by cast iron cookware and so despite wanting to use it frequently when recipes call for it, I don’t own any! The Milo kitchen cookware seems like a great transition from everyday nonstick to cast iron. I’d love to try it!

  127. I love the way food turns out when cooked in cast iron, but we don’t currently have any cast iron cookware.

  128. I would love to win this prize package! I have looked at LeCreuset for several years but haven’t invested in any. The Milo cookware would be a great addition to my kitchen. And a lifetime subscription to PTE? YES!!

  129. I have a couple pieces of cast iron, but have not invested in a set because of the cost. I love the cast iron I have – it cooks so well and is so durable. I would love to have more to cook with!

  130. I would love to win this beautiful set of cast iron. I have been using pkantoeat for several years, a lifetime subscription would be great.

  131. I have been searching for an upgrade to my cookware, this may be just the ticket! Can’t wait to try the recipes and the cookware! This feels like FUN!

  132. I would love to win the mill kitchen package because cast iron is amazing! Would love to start a collection!!

  133. Looks like the Milo Giveaway is only for Facebook users. Any way to enter without a Facebook account?

  134. So excited about this! I have one Dutch oven that was gifted to me after my wedding. I’d never cooked with cast iron before, but I quickly fell in love. I’m excited to see just how versatile cast iron can be with all these new recipes.

  135. We have started trying to cook using cast iron all the time! We would love a full set so we can cook more than one part of the meal at a time!

  136. I would love to win because I’ve never owned any cookware of my own. I’ve only just begun to really cook for my family and so I’ve only ever used what my mother had. Most of it isn’t in great shape anymore, unfortunately. I’m not that great at cooking yet but I’ve found using PTE so easy to use and the meals I’m making are so appreciated, I’m doing it more and more. It would be wonderful to have my own set to start making more meals in.

  137. I love my cast iron cookware, and I’d love to win the set to get a couple of new pieces, and gift the rest to my son and future daughter-in-law!

  138. This cookware looks so beautiful and I would love to have these beautiful pieces in my home. Oh, the things I could make!!

  139. LOVE Dutch oven cooking, can’t wait for the new recipes!! And of course to win the beautiful Milo cookware!!! Good luck everyone!

  140. I use Plan to Eat all the time – having it auto-generate my shopping list AND keep all of my recipes handy for easy reference is such a timesaver for me. I would love some new cookware as well – mine has taken a beating with all of the home cooking I do!

  141. I’ve always heard cast iron is so good to cook with, but I’ve never had any experience with it before. If I win, it will be a new culinary adventure!

  142. I’d like to win this prize package so that I have the cookware needed to more easily try new recipes. It’s easier to cook when you have the right tools!

  143. With the prospect of lots more family camping ahead of me~ three kiddos under three!~ I so want to learn how to do more cast iron cooking!! We had a wonderful first camping trip of fajitas for dinner & breakfast hash in cast iron… I’m looking forward to broadening my cast iron recipe comfort level! Would LOVE some new cookware to work with and I LOVE PLAN TO EAT! 😀

  144. I would love to win because I love cooking for my family of nine. We go through a lot of dishes to cook a single meal, and I use a lot of old non-stick cookware. I’d love to replace some of that with good quality cast iron.

  145. Thanks so much for this opportunity! I don’t have a dutch oven, but I remember cooking in my mom’s growing up and I LOVE them, just haven’t been able to invest in one yet. I cook for my husband and our six sons, so I would definitely use it regularly! (We do a lot of cooking around here, in big batches). As for the Plan to Eat Membership, WOW; I intend to be a lifelong Plan to Eat member anyway, so a lifetime subscription would be amazing. I really love the Plan to Eat team and all the hard work they put into making such a functional and easy-to-use tool. It’s completely changed how I do meals.

  146. I would love a set of cast iron pans because I don’t have one and I know they are great to cook with!!

  147. My entire family loves Plan to Eat. We end up eating the most amazing food because it is so easy to import recipes and grocery shop. Everyone is happier and healthier and I am way less stressed. A lifetime subscription would be amazing since I’m definitely a lifetime customer. The Milo Kitchen cookware would be amazing since we only cook with healthy cookware and enameled cast iron is the best!

  148. I am getting more into cooking and could really use some nice cooking ware. We also recently moved and my cast iron got wrecked in the move and I’m not loving my new kitchen digs as much – so this would be the perfect pick me up and inspiration to get me back in the kitchen on the regular and cooking for my kiddos again!!

  149. I don’t have an enamel set of cast iron…just the regular 12″ skillet. I’d love to win a set of Milo Kitchen pots and pans…they look awesome!

  150. These cookware items look amazing!! I love my Dutch oven and use it frequently but could definitely use an upgrade.

  151. Hi Christi! If you are connected to the challenge account, this is considered a friendship. I will update the fine print to clarify!

  152. Good Luck to everyone. Absolutely love Plan to Eat. It has helped us to eat better, save money at the grocery store by meal planning and we’ve tried some amazing recipes submitted by others. Thank you so much for a great program.

  153. Plan to Eat has been a total game changer!! Having a cast iron cookware set would absolutely bring things to the next level!

  154. Did my entry to the contest go through? I am not sure if when I clicked the entry went through.
    Margie Kiser.
    This set of Cookware is Awesome! I do not have any pans right now, and no income to buy any. And I do Love to Cook!

  155. I found my love of bread baking from using a cast iron dutch oven to make artisan bread. I have started to venture more into other uses of cast iron and would love to win this set to enable me to experiment more with cast iron cooking. The Milo set looks to be of great quality and value and would be a welcome addition to my kitchen.

    I find the Plan to Eat app and website invaluable tools to my life and they enable me to more efficiently plan meals as well as track items I already have (in the freezer). I will continue to use this website and if I win the lifetime subscription I would be able to gift an additional subscription to family and friends that I believe would greatly benefit from this tool.

  156. I’d like to win this prize pack because our last child is turning 18 this year, and I’m finally going to start cooking up some different, adult-like meals for my husband and I!

  157. Cooking for 7 – 7 days a week! My pot and pans are SHOT! My people would love some new recipes and I would love some new cookware!

  158. Can’t wait to try all these: Milo Magic Bars, Mushroom Risotto, Corn Pudding, Kale & White Bean Stew, and Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Mushroom Frittata!

  159. I’d really like to win because I love using Plan to Eat, and really need some new cookware to replace my worn-out press and pans.

  160. I would love to win this because the set is gorgeous! It would be amazing to cook with in the kitchen!

  161. I’m attempting to east out less often and cook healthier meals at home. I’ve only used cast iron on camping trips and would love to bring quality cast iron into my kitchen and begin using with PTE recipes.

  162. As a homeschooling, volunteering, working mom & wife it’s fall into not meal planning. Eating healthy is a top priority for our family. This will help in our journey

  163. I love cast iron cookware, and would love to have a new set! I also use Plan to Eat as a convenient way to meal plan, but also to keep track of all the great recipes that I find on the internet.

  164. One of my goals this year has been to cook more at home rather than eat out. I’d like to win this prize package because this cooking set will replace my old worn-out pots and pans and give me new inspiration in the kitchen. I have loved using Plan To Eat over the years for recipes and meal planning, so a lifetime subscription would be amazing!

  165. I would love to win because I want to use this cookware set. I need some new cookware is another reason lol

  166. I have some cast iron/dutch oven cookware and really love cooking with it and would love to add to kitchen.

  167. I have some traditional cast iron pans, but no enameled cast iron. Something I have thought about getting, but have never done. It would be great to get a whole set!!

  168. What a fun cooking challenge! Brings two of our loves together…cast iron cookware and Plan to Eat. 💞

  169. I love using Plan to Eat for my meal planning! And I have just started to use cast iron for cooking and would love to use it more and for baking breads!

  170. I would love a new Dutch oven, use it a lot! Plan to Eat is awesome, makes storing recipes and planning meals so easy! I’m excited to try these recipes.

  171. I’d love to win this challenge because of the lifetime membership!!!! I LOVE Plan to Eat! I’d also love to have the new set of cookware. It looks fabulous!

  172. I’m excited to try some of these recipes. I fell in love with cast iron again after I got an induction cooktop on my range. These are beautiful pieces!

  173. I grew up with cast iron pans. I can even remember going to my great-grandmother’s house and seeing hers always on the stove. I would love to a real set, and a pretty one. I have one black cast iron pan that I use for eggs. I’d like to be able to use them more. And I love Plan to Eat. I tell everyone I can how it’s helped me.

  174. I would love to win because I’ve recently fallen in love with cast iron cookware, but only have one piece! This looks amazing!

  175. I would love to win this 5 piece set in order to get started with using cast iron cookware. I have not been able to make the investment yet.

  176. I love cooking on cast iron when we go camping and I’ve been wanting to get a nice cast iron set for my home kitchen! This set looks amazing! I love Plan to Eat and I use it every week to plan meals and shop for our family of five! Thank you for this opportunity to win the Dutch set and a lifetime membership to Plan to Eat!

  177. Dutch Oven cooking is my absolute favorite during the fall and winter! I’d love to win this package because you can never have enough enameled cast iron in the kitchen. 🙂

  178. Dude I have been doing Plan to Eat for almost a year now. I’ve never seen the Challenges before! A girl can never have enough cast iron!! SO excited! I love the new changes btw.

  179. I didn’t learn how to cook growing up, so I’m always excited to learn more. Having the right tools makes a big difference!

  180. I love the Plan to Eat app …. it has been a life-changer as far as organizing all recipes on one place, meal planning and shopping.

  181. I’d like to win this prize package because I’ve wanted a beautiful enameled cast iron for a long time and I have 4 teenage sons who eat a LOT of food, and I love to serve them nutritious, homemade meals.

  182. I work 80 hrs a week on our 100 cow dairy farm. Being able to come in and make dinner with such a beautiful set of pots while using my Plan to Eat recipes would bring a smile to my face and a bounce to step.

  183. Plan to Eat has transformed my life in the kitchen, along with my budget and my time at the grocery store! I’m working on replacing my cookware with healthy, safe and quality options. This Milo collection would make an amazing addition!

  184. Wow! I love using enameled cast iron cookware (I guess I’m just not enough of an adult to properly season the non-enameled stuff), but my collection is still very limited. I’d love to give these gorgeous pieces a try! And, a *lifetime* subscription to Plan To Eat?! When PTE came into my life right before I had my second kid, it was like someone had read my mind and transcribed it directly to a set of user requirements. Everything I need, nothing I don’t. I love it!

  185. I love using plan to eat, and cooking in my little dutch oven, so I would love to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  186. I would love to win this cookware because I love my cast iron and this cookware seems to take it a step ahead. Also a life time of PTE…priceless!!!

  187. Cooking from scratch is my thing! I wish Plan To Eat had come into my life a lot earlier. My recipe collection would be gigantic! I can’t wait to try the Easy Sourdough recipe. Good luck to everyone.

  188. I’ve been looking into cast iron to replace my pots and pans I’ve had for 15 years or more. I have one very large skillet but would love other sizes for everyday use.

  189. I’d love to win this challenge as my cookwear is so old and we just finished a kitchen remodel. I love cooking with cast iron – but can’t justify the expense right now!

  190. I love cast iron cookware. I just don’t think I use them to their full potential. I’m looking forward to trying some new & hopefully challenging recipes!

  191. I just got my first cast iron skillet and OMGOODNESS it makes such a difference in my cooking!! I’d love to win to add to my collection!

  192. I love dutch oven cooking, and it’s a perfect challenge for fall! I would be so stoked to win this challenge so i can perfect new recipes for my forthcoming food blog. Thank Plan to Eat and Milo Cookware for this opportunity!

  193. I had an enameled cast iron pan that cracked several years ago and I still haven’t replaced it! This set looks amazing. Also these recipes look great!

  194. I would love to win new pots & pans since a few of mine are “well-loved” and as old or older than a couple of my kids!

  195. First, the cast iron is beautiful. Of course I’d love to win it!
    Second, I love using Plan to Eat, and I would love to win a lifetime subscription!

  196. This meal planning app has completely changed how we plan and eat in our family! It is such a relief to have meals planned out and to only have to grocery shop one time a week!! Thank you so much for creating this app and also for sponsoring such a great giveaway.

  197. I love cooking with my cast iron and you can always use more! Plan to Eat stores all of my recipes…I don’t think I’ll ever stop using it!

  198. My aunt got me started with a cast iron skillet years ago and I love using it, but I haven’t ventured into other cast iron pieces. I love Plan to Eat and keep all my recipes here! Still need to get better about actually creating meal plans consistently though!

  199. I love cooking with cast iron and would love to be able to upgrade to this wonderful product! Everything always seems to taste better in cast iron!

  200. I have only a couple pieces of cast iron and want to use it more. It’s just so expensive. I love cooking. And I love Plan to Eat!

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